Now that the New Year has gloriously come about, you may be a little bit inclined to try and do a better job of living the good life in 2014. If that indeed is the case, then there is little chance you would want to leave out your youngest sidekick, which is why you be beyond wise to check us out here at Texas Children’s Academy. We are, after all, the absolute best child care center Arlington.

As a family-owned and operated business, we really believe there is nothing we are unable to do here in our state-of-the-art facility. We make it a priority to treat all of our kids here at Texas Children’s Academy like they are our own. That might provide the answer why, after only being open since February of 2012, we have experienced an explosion in growth in less than two years. Simply put: word of mouth has spread throughout the Metroplex that we are a top of the line day care center in Arlington.

We encourage you to continue to browse and navigate around our Website so that you can get a better idea and understanding of our services here. We look forward to meeting with you and giving you a tour of our facility here Texas Children’s Academy.