1. 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare

    Finding the perfect daycare for your kiddo can be the cause of some definite headaches. That’s why we’ve compiled some things to keep in mind when you are commencing your search. When you’re done reading through these, we’d love you to visit us at Texas Children’s Academy and see if we can be that perfect fit for you and your child! 1. Observe Behavior Watch how the staff interacts with …Read More

  2. Time-Saving Tips for Parents

    At Texas Children’s Academy our child care professionals in Arlington TX know that life itself is an unpredictable ride – but when you add children and the craziness of their schedules to the mix, it becomes even crazier. It’s no wonder that as parents we sometimes feel there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. It’s impossible to completely avoid chaos – and really, w…Read More

  3. Keeping Kids Cool Through The Dog Days Of Summer

    At Texas Children’s Academy we know Summer is the time of year for running around, playing outdoors, and staying active in the beautiful weather. However, all this running and physical activity in the heat of the day can put children, and adults, at risk for heat stroke and related types of complications. Heat stroke is not just a slight problem; it can be extremely harmful and even fatal if not…Read More

  4. Internet Safety For Young Children On Mobile Devices

    Internet safety is a relatively new concept for parents to have to worry about, really just evolving over the last 25 years. However, with the constant advancement in technology parents don’t just have to worry about kids getting to problematic sites on the family computer, now you also have to worry about tablets, smartphones and other internet connected devices. The Problems The problem with t…Read More

  5. Tips and Tricks for Camping with Small Children

    There is a balance to be found when camping, even when you introduce young children into the mix. Follow these tips from Texas Children’s Academy day care in Arlington Texas and you'll find serenity rather than insanity. Camping with small children – even infants and toddlers doesn’t have to be the nightmarish experience you might think it would be. After all – you haven’t lived until yo…Read More

  6. Finding the Right Parenting Style to Fit You and Your Needs

    At Texas Children’s Academy we know that when we become parents or if we’re planning to become parents, we develop our own concept of what the “right thing” is when it comes to parenting. We may opt to be the strict disciplinarian or maybe we’ll opt for being more relaxed and even care free and still others may opt for something more in the middle of both styles. Two children raised by t…Read More

  7. Helping Young Children Notice Oncoming Traffic

    At Texas Children’s Academy we know young children – particularly those between the ages of 5 and 9 – are more at risk of being hit by oncoming cars when crossing the street than those children who are slightly older.  In fact, according to National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, more than 13,000 in this age group are struck by cars ever year. Young children aren’t developed en…Read More

  8. Helping Your Young Children Stay Organized

    Daily routines can be a challenge, especially if you have younger children who have a way of losing or misplacing things on a regular basis. Here are some great tips from our child care center in Arlington, TX on how to keep your children, especially young ones organized: Have a designated work space for homework, projects, etc. Pick a room or a part of a room that your child can keep all of his o…Read More

  9. Why Your Child Behaves for Caregivers and Not for You

    Do you feel like your child acts like an angel during daycare, but they do everything they can to undermine you at home? This is a common struggle that many parents deal with, and it can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Luckily, our daycare center in Arlington, TX is here to help clear things up for you. The following is a list of possible reasons as to why your child behaves better for at…Read More

  10. The Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

    Brain injury is a common problem with young children, but a problem that can be avoided with a few preventative measures from parents. Brain injuries can be caused by trampoline accidents when children land on their head or neck, sports injuries are another common area that can result in brain injury and brain injuries among the skateboarding community are also very common. At Texas Children’s A…Read More