1. Pre-Kindergarten in Arlington That Will Set the Stage for Success

    Many parents understand the importance of early childhood education, which is why enrolling your child in the right pre-kindergarten in Arlington is so essential. At Texas Children's Academy we believe that we are the  pre-school in Arlington that you have been looking for, and there are several reasons why. Our pre-k program works to set the stage for a lifetime of success. We do that by creatin…Read More

  2. What Makes Our Child Care Center in Arlington Different

    No parent wants anything but the best for their children. Whether you are choosing a babysitter or a college, we all want the very best for them. Choosing the right child care center in Arlington can help to set the stage for a lifetime of success. The big question is, with so many daycare centers to choose from, how do you pick the right one? At the Texas Children's Academy we believe that we are…Read More

  3. See Your Child Whenever You Want With Our Day Care Center in Arlington

    Leaving your child with a day care center in Arlington is one of the toughest things that any parent has to do, especially when you are used to caring for them and seeing them all day long. Many parents feel that they have to make a decision between their career and taking care of their child, and things like financial issues make that decision a lot more difficult for people who want to stay at h…Read More

  4. Best child care center in Arlington right here

    The advantages and benefits of a top child care center in Arlington are numerous. When you are factoring in all aspects, it is good to understand that a day care center is typically cheaper than a hiring a nanny. Early years of education benefits childrens' learning and improves their peer relationships and confidence. Both a child's behavior and development will improve immensely with some formal…Read More

  5. Best pre kindergarten in Arlington right here

    There is no denying how quickly a child's brain, physical and cognitive skills develop. That is why it is important to enroll your child or children in an early childhood education program. Those looking for the best pre kindergarten in Arlington have definitely landed in the right spot. Research has proven that the advantages of participating in a pre-kindergarten education program extend far bey…Read More

  6. We are home to the best child care center in Arlington

    Now that the New Year has gloriously come about, you may be a little bit inclined to try and do a better job of living the good life in 2014. If that indeed is the case, then there is little chance you would want to leave out your youngest sidekick, which is why you be beyond wise to check us out here at Texas Children's Academy. We are, after all, the absolute best child care center Arlington. A…Read More

  7. Child Care Services Provided Here

    There might be other options out there. Some might even be viable. However, if you are looking for the absolute best, there is only one place you need to go visit. That place is of course us right here at Texas Children's Academy. Located in the greater Arlington, Texas area, Texas Children's Academy strive to provide the absolute best in child care services. Though our facility has only been ope…Read More